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6'2 185 - Sr #8

Ath, WR, KR, S

2015 - Taylor has good size. Taylor is working his way into playing time and is becoming more and more important to Ridgeway's plans. Coach Sutton says "He's going to be a good one". Taylor is a very good athelete and the Roadrunnners coaches have used him at WR and FS this season. Taylor had 1 rec for 17 yards against Southwind. He made 2 tackles at FS and also contributed in the win over Houston with 1 tackle. Taylor made 1 reception for 15 yards in Whitehaven game. Taylor made 1 rec for 10 yards in MUS game. Taylor added 1 rec for 22 yards in win over Kingsbury. Taylor had a spectacular kick return TD of 86 yards in the win over Melrose.

2016 - Taylor is a great athlete and the coaching staff is looking for ways to get him the ball as a return man, WR and he even serves as the kicker. Taylor had 2 rec for 51 yards and 1 TD in win over Houston. His 49 yard TD catch and run was a thing of beauty as he broke 3 tackles and outraced the defenders to the endzone.Taylor is emerging as a very important weapon. He had a great game against Craigmont with 3 rec for 63 yard with 1 TD, a 2pt conversion rec, 47 yard kick return. Taylor was named "Offensive Player of the Game" for Craigmont game.Taylor had a 47 yard kick return and a 2pt conversion rec in Whitehaven game. Taylor had the kind of game most offensive players dream about against Millington. He had a 19 yard TD rec, a 30 yard TD rec, a 75 yard TD rec and scored on a spectacular 57 punt return TD, giving him 4 TD on the night. He had 124 yards on 3 rec in the game. Taylor was named Offensive Player of the game for his performance against Millington. Taylor had 7 rec for 76 yards and 2TD in the MUS game.Taylor is playing with passion and coming on strong. He allso had a 56 yard kick off return vs MUS. Taylor was name Co Offense player of the game vs MUS, his 3rd time this season. Taylor hasturned into Ridgeway's most versatile weapon. He had 5 rec for 115 yards and 1 TD to go with 148 kick return yards in the game against West Monroe. Taylor continued his great play by returning the opening kickoff 85 yards for a TD. He also had 3 rec for 59 yards and 1 TD in Kingsbury game. Taylor had 2 rec for 30 yards and 67 return yards. He also added 3 tackles on defense in win over Melrose. Taylor scored 2 rushing TD on jet sweeps and 1 rec TD in the East game. Kundarrius Taylor had a monster all around game against Harden Co in 1st rd playoff with 2 TD rec, a 2pt conversion, 68 return yards, 1 forced fumble, 3 pass break ups and 5 tackles. Taylor had an incredible game against Lexington in 2nd rd playoff with 4TD. He had a 88 yard kick return TD, a 70 yard punt return TD, a 7 yard jet sweep TD and a 25 yard TD rec to go with 4 tackles, and 1 interception in the win over Lexington.


Taylor started the 2017 season with 5 rec for 67 yards and 1 TD. 2 kick returns for 94 yards in MUS game. Taylor had 1 TD in win verses Munford after returning to the lineup from injury. Taylor exploded on Overton with 4TD leading the Roadrunners to victory. He had spectacular 85 and 75 yard kick return TDs and a 10 yard and 24 yard TD receptions.


6'0 165 Jr QB

2016 - Casey has seen playing time this season as the backup. He has thrown 2 TD passes this season including a 75 yard TD pass in Millington game. Coach Sutton says "LC, he can throw a nice ball, he has good talent, but he needs to get in the weight room and take it serious to get stronger". Casey threw a 3 yard TD pass in Kingsbury game.


Casey is now the starter. He has gotten stronger and seems poised. Casey passed for 2 TD in opening game at MUS. Casey passed for 329 yards and 2 TD in the Kirby game on 18-25 passing.  Casey passed for 1 TD in the Pulaski game. Casey had the best game of his career tossing 4TD passes in win over Kingsbury in just 1 half. Casey is emerging as a star. He had 2 rush TD, 1 pass TD and 1 conersion rushing in win over Munford. Casey passed for 2 more TD in Overton win.

5'10 170 Sr - CB

2016 -
White has moved into the starting lineup this season. He is tall and athletic. He has contributed throughout the season on special teams. He had 4 tackles in MUS game with 3 pass defended. He had 4 tackles in West Monroe game with 2 pass defended. White had 2 tackles, 2 pass defended in Melrose game. White made 3 tackles and 2 pass defended in East game. White had 4 tackles, 2 pass defended and 1 interception in win over Harden County. White had 3 tackles, 2 pass defended in win over Lexington.

White had 3 tackles and 2 pass break ups and 2 pass defended in opening game against MUS. White had 3 interceptions including a 47 yard pick 6 TD return. White also had 5 tackles and 2 pass defended in the Kirby game. White had 4 tackles in Munford game and had 4 tackles, 1 fumble recovery in Overton win.


6'3 190 Sr - DE

2015 -  Corey is a tall DE and has saw limited action in the first 3 games this season. Corey saw game action against Whitehaven and will be a good player. He must get stronger. Coach Sutton says "Willie has a lot of talent and heart, he's young and needs to get stronger, but we like him and we will play him also". Corey is a young player that the coaches obviously see something they like. He has been receiving substantial playing time and has contributed nicely. He made 3 tackle, 1 sack, 2 for loss in the win over Millington. He is long, slim and wirery, but he is able to stand his ground and make plays.

2016 - Corey made his season debut in win over Millington. He had 3 tackles in the game. Corey will be counted on the rest of the season to bolster the defensive line. When I spoke to Coach Sutton about Willie he said "LC, we need him...but we also need him to apply himself off the field too and do what he has to do to be a leader on this team". I think Corey now understand that we need him to be on the field. I like this player. Corey played well against MUS. He had 5 tackles, 1 for loss in the MUS game. Corey was name Co Defensive Player of the game vs MUS. Corey plays stronger than his slight frame. He makes tackles and is quick off the ball. The Roadrunners are better on defense when he is on the field. Corey played great against Kingsbury with 5 tackle, 2 for loss.


Corey played an excellent game against one of the top tackles in the state vs MUS in game 1. Corey led Ridgeway with 7 tackles, 1 sack. Corey had 4 tackles in game against Pulaski and followed up with 7 tackles and 1 sack in win over Kingsbury.

Cameron Stansbury  #23  5'9 175 RB Sr

2015 - Stansbury has started to get more and more playing time this season. Coach Sutton told me that Stansbury is one to watch. He is quick to the hole and runs with surprising power and speed. He scored 2 TD in the win over Craigmont and has seen action in all three games. Look for his playing time to increase as the Roadrunners look to go to a 2 back system. Stansbury rushed for 58 yards on 6 carries and 1 TD in win over Kingsbury.

2016 - Stansbury will split time with Hendrix in the backfield this season. He had 5 rushes for 45 yards and a TD in win over Houston. Stansbury is coming on strong. He rushed for 145 yards and 3 TD in the win over Southwind. He is a north south runner and has a nose for the endzone. Stansbury has 4 TD in the first 2 games this season. Stansbury earned Co Offensive Player of the game honor for his performance against Southwind. Stansbury is making a major contribution this season. He rushed for 101 yards on 10 carries and 1TD in Craigmont game. He also had a 2pt conversion run in Craigmont win. Stansbury rushed for 108 yards, 2 TDs and 2pt conversion in win over Millington. Stansbury rushed for another TD in the Kingbury game.

2017 - Stansbury rushed for 3 TD in the Kirby game. Stansbury rushed for 1 TD in Pulaski game and followed up with 1 TD run and two 2pt conversion runs in win over Kingsbury. Stansbury rushed for 2 TD in Munford win and had 2 TD and four 2pt conversions in Overton win.

Caleb Jones   #72  6'3  300 Sr

2016 - Caleb is a starter on the offensive line. His brother was also a three year starter so it runs in the family. Coach Sutton mention to me that he was pleased with Caleb's development. Coach insisted that Caleb will project better at the college level and will be better than his brother. He has long arms, fluid feet and is very athletic.

 Jamal Wince   #64   6'3  280 C  Jr

2016 - It says a lot that coaches have the confidence in Wince that he is the starter as a So at Center. He has good size and played flawless against Houston in the opener.

Terrance Cameron   #68   6'3  290 OT  Sr

 2016 - Cameron is a starter on the offensive line and is a nice pass protector. He has long arms and quick feet. He did a good job in win over Houston helping the offense rack up better than 550 yards offense. Cameron has been steady this season. Coach Sutton says Cameron has a chance to get noticed if he works hard and continue to improve.

 Larry Anderson  #88  6'0  200 DE Sr

2016 - Anderson made several nice plays in the Houston game including a QB sack. Anderson has contributed in spot duty the season.


Arterius Anderson    #65   5'9  230  OG  Sr


Austin Ward   #48   6'1  210   DE  Sr 

2016 - Ward started the game at right DE and did a good job containing. He made 2 tackles and did a good job pressuring the QB in win over Houston. Ward had 3 tackles in Southwind game. Ward is doing a steady job at right DE. He had 3 tackles, 1 for loss in Craigmont game. Ward made 3 tackles in Whitehaven game. Ward made 3 tackles in Millington game. Ward made 2 tackles in West Monroe game. Ward made 2 tackles in Kingsbury game. Ward made 3 tackles, 1 for loss in Melrose game. Ward made 2 tackles in win over Lexington.


 Antonio Smith  #55  5'9  210   LB   Jr 

2016 - I asked Coach Sutton after reviewing the Houston game footage...who was #55 he was really mixing it up? Coach Sutton said "Smith has a chance to be a special player, once he figures things out. His desire and attitude will take him to great places in our defense". It says a lot Coach Sutton is starting him at middle LB as a 10th grader. He played great in the win over Houston with 4 tackles, 1 sack and 1 tfl. Look for Smith to be even more productive as he gets comfortable playing on the varsity level. Smith added 5 tackles in win over Southwind. After the Southwind game Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Stewart told me "LC this young man is coming hard, he's still learning but when he gets there he hits with force. Smith is emerging as a potential star and the next great LB at Ridgeway already. He is what I call a "Thumper". When he hits people they go down. He had a spectacular game against Craigmont with 8 tackles, 2 for loss, 3 forced fumbles. One forced fumble was a bone crushing hit on a Craigmont runner in the hole that Ridgeway recovered and returned 60 yards for a TD. Smith was named "Defensive Player of the game" for the Craigmont game. Smith made 7 tackles 1 for loss in Whitehaven game....again earning "Defensive player of the game". Smith made 4 tackles in Millington game. Smith made 4 tackles in MUS game. Smith played very hard in a losing effort against West Monroe leading Ridgeway with 10 tackles in the game. Smith was named "Defensive player of the game" for his performance against West Monroe. Smith continued his defensive MVP calibur play with 9 tackles, 1 sack in Kingsbury game. Smith had 6 tackles in Melrose game. Smith made 7 tackles, 1 for loss in East game. Smith made 7 tackles, 1 fumble recovery in Harden County game. Smith was a force in the win over Lexington 2nd rd playoff with 11 tackles, 1 forced fumble.

2017 - Smith has not played up to 2016 standards he set last year. He had 5 tackles in the MUS game, 5 tackles in the Whitehaven game and 6 tackles against Kirby. Smith had 6 tackles in Pulaski game and had 5 tackles and his 1st career interception in win over Kingsbury. Smith had 5 tackles in Munford win and had 6 tackles in Overton win.

Aerius Hearns   #67   5'9  260  OG  Sr


Matthew Bedford  #76   6'6  280  OT  Jr


Cameron Comauex #11

6'0 165 Jr - WR


Comauex caught a 45 yard TD pass in the game against MUS. Comauex hauled in an 80 TD against Kirby. He also had several dropped passes in this game. Comeaux had a TD reception in Pulaski game and 2 TD receptions in win over Kingsbury giving him 5 TD in 5 games this season. Comeaux had 1 rec in Overton win.

Nicqueil Boyd #9

5'10 175 Sr - FS

Boyd has been a steady contributor this season. He had his best game of the year in win Overton with 10 tackles, 1 interception.

Johnathan Holmes #6

5'7 165 Jr - RB

2017 - Holmes had a breakout game against Kingsbury rushing for 116 yards and 2 TD in the win including a 53 yard scamper. Holmes had a TD rush in Overton win.

Jeremy Bryant #15

5'10 170 Jr - OLB

Will Duran #4

6'0 190 Sr - SS

2017 - Duran had 5 tackles in win over Kingsbury. Duran had 5 tackles in Munford win. Duran had 4 tackles in Overton win.

Jaylon Monger #17

6'0 165 So - WR

2017 - Monger caught a 17 yard TD in the Kirby game. Monger has been a great surprise this season. Coach Sutton is pleased with his development. He caught his 2nd TD of the season a 30 yard TD reception in win over Kingsbury. Monger had 4 rec for 80 yards in the game.

David Giles #20

5'10 205 Sr - FB

Jacob Taylor #56

5'9 245 Jr - OG

Elijah Conley #1

5'10 160 So - Ath - DB

2017 - Conley has shown steady improvement during the year. He had a 65 yard interception return for TD in win over Kingsbury. Coach Sutton says Conley has a chance to be the next great corner at Ridgeway. Conley had 4 tackles in win over Overton.

Mykhel Taylor #14

5'10 155 So - CB

Taylor got his 1st varsity int in the Kirby game.

Robert Gillard #29
6'2 185 Sr - TE

2017 - Gillard is the starting (flex) TE. He can run seam patterns and has good speed. Gillard has contributed several catches this season and scored 2 TD receptions in win over Kingsbury. Gillard had 2 rec in Overton win.

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